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11. Reforming The Taxi Industry In Australia Staff Discussion Paper Nov 2000

...reforming the taxi industry in australia national competition council staff discussion paper novem...
PIReStTa-001.pdf - 159.5KB - 1.00 relevance

12. Water Legislation Review; Water Reform Part Of Ncp Coag Water Framework Background Papers For 2001 Water Assessment

...water legislation review introduction as well as implementing the strategic framework, governments a...
PIReWa-006.pdf - 100.7KB - 1.00 relevance

13. Water Property Rights Water Reform Part Of Ncp Coag Water Framework Background Papers For 2001 Water Assessment

...water property rights this paper has been prepared with the assistance of the department of agricult...
PIReWa-007.pdf - 64.8KB - 1.00 relevance

14. Implementation Of The National Water Quality Management Strategy Water Reform Part Of Ncp Coag Water Framework Background Papers For 2001 Water Assessment

...implementation of the national water quality management strategy this paper is made available to the...
PIReWa-005.pdf - 106.9KB - 1.00 relevance

15. Ncc Occasional Series - Gas Swaps April 2006

...ncc occasional series gas swaps april 2006 gas swaps prepared for the national competition coun...
NOSGS-001.pdf - 462.7KB - 1.00 relevance

16. Tripartite Meeting (The Tripartite Meeting) 14 January 1999

...tripartite meeting, 14 january 1999. a meeting between representatives of senior officials, crr, ste...
PIReWrTr-001.pdf - 21.0KB - 1.00 relevance

17. National Competition Council 2004 Ncc Occasional Series Dairy: Now And Then The Australian Dairy Industry Since Deregulation Ausinfo, Canberra October 2004

...ncc occasional series dairy - now and then: the australian dairy industry since deregulation novemb...
PCRevsub-001.pdf - 853.1KB - 1.00 relevance

18. Shadwick, M., 2002, A Viable And Sustainable Water Industry National Competition Council Staff Discussion Paper July 2002 Ausinfo, Canberra.

...national competition council a viable and sustainable water industry staff discussion paper july ...
PIReViWa-001.pdf - 272.1KB - 1.00 relevance

19. National Competition Council Regulating Gambling Activity; Issues In Assessing Compliance With National Competition Policy Council Paper October 2000

...national competition council regulating gambling activity; issues in assessing compliance with nati...
LEGa-001.pdf - 67.9KB - 1.00 relevance

20. National Competition Council 2004, Ncc Occasional Series - Microeconomic Reform In Australia Comparison To Other Oecd Countries November 2004 Ausinfo Canberra

...ncc occasional series microeconomic reform in australia comparison to other oecd countries november...
PCRevsub-002.pdf - 3.4MB - 1.00 relevance
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