Related reform - gas

The major gas reform undertaking was the agreement to implement pre-existing measures necessary to achieve the objective of free and fair trade in gas between and within states and territories by 1 July 1996.

The pre-existing intergovernmental gas reform agreements aimed to achieve free trade in gas and develop intra-field and interfield competition by:

  • removing regulatory impediments to trade in gas
  • applying access arrangements to transmission and distribution infrastructure and
  • facilitating the construction of new transmission links between gas fields and markets.

Further information on the development and content of the intergovernmental gas reform agreements can be obtained from Council of Australian Governments communiqués.

The ongoing gas reform process is being continued by the Ministerial Council on Energy. Further information is available on the website of the Ministerial Council on Energy.

Key gas reform documents on this site

  • Agreement to Implement the National Competition Policy and Related Reforms (Attachment)
  • Intergovernmental electricity agreements (reproduced in National Competition Council Compendium of Agreements, second edition 1998)
  • Governments’ annual National Competition Policy reports
  • National Competition Council progress assessment reports (annual, supplementary and deferred assessments)