Related reform - road transport

Road transport reform under the National Competition Policy involved governments committing to agreements to adopt nationally uniform road transport regulation (the National Competition Policy agreements did not specify a particular road transport reform agenda).

In 1998, through the Australian Transport Council, governments endorsed a reform package encompassing a nationally consistent regulatory framework for heavy vehicle registration, driver licensing, heavy vehicle mass and loading restrictions, commercial driver fatigue management and the national exchange of vehicle and driver information.

Further information on the development and content of intergovernmental agreements on road transport reforms can be obtained from Council of Australian Governments communiqués.

Further information on road transport reform progress can be obtained from the website of the National Transport Commission.

Key road transport reform documents on this site

  • Agreement to Implement the National Competition Policy and Related Reforms (Attachment)
  • Intergovernmental road transport reform agreements (reproduced in National Competition Council Compendium of Agreements, second edition 1998)
  • Governments’ annual National Competition Policy reports
  • National Competition Council progress assessment reports (annual, supplementary and deferred assessments)